Are we missing spells? You can suggest spells here.

Magic Points – Mana

Each day a spell casting character has a magic threshold. We’ll call these mana. Spell casters gain mana by adding their level plus their ability modifier, Intelligence for Wizards or Wisdom for Clerics.

Spells are already grouped by level, so instead we’ll use the level as the mana cost. So to cast a 2nd level spell would require deducting 2 mana from a character’s mana pool. The spell is NEVER removed from the spell casters memory, and the same spell could be used over and over as long as their is mana in the character’s mana pool.

To recover mana a character must rest. Assuming that a full 10 hours of rest can recover 100% of a character’s mana, then for each hour of rest a character would recover 10% of their total mana.


No spell caster could cast a spell for a cost higher than their level.

The spell caster cannot take any other action in a round when casting a spell.

A spell caster who cannot speak or is bound can not cast a spell.

If the spell caster takes damage before their turn in combat, the spell is interrupted and lost.

The spell caster must be able to see the target the spell is to be cast on.

Spells are just like using a skill. The spell caster must roll d20 plus their modifier (WIS/INT + Level) vs a DC 10 + spell cost/level. If they do not meet or exceed the required number the mana is used, and the spell fails.

Wizards cannot cast spell in which they do not have the formula. This means that they must have the spell, on a scroll or have the spell book and in hand, at the time of casting. If they lost the scroll or the spell book, they lose the intricate knowledge and cannot use the spells any more.

Clerics on the other hand have a limited number of spells provided by their gods. Unlike a spell book, their magic is divine and cannot destroyed, but it can be taken from the character if the character does something against their god’s (DM) wishes. In addition, the cleric must have their holy symbol in one hand to cast their spells.

Saving Against Spells: The Difficulty Check for saving against a spell is: DC10 + the spell level. If no ability score is specificed it use Wisdom.

OPTIONAL: It is recommended that the DM limit the spell choices clerics can choose from. The DM has the final say in spell picking for a cleric, and is the limit of choosing a god driven character.

Potion of Mana

Like a potion of healing, the potion of mana can restore 1d8 mana to a spell caster. Mana can never exceed the maximum value available. These potions are expensive, rare and coveted by magic users. Typical costs are 800gp and up.

Sacrifice Self

A spell caster can choose to use their hit points in the event that they run out of mana. Only after a caster’s mana pool has reached zero may they use their health. 2 hit points = 1 mana. Damage taken to a character this way heals like normal.

Complete Spell List

Are we missing spells? You can suggest spells here.

Zero Level Spells

Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds (reversible)
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Purify Food and Drink
Ray of Frost

1st Level Spells

Affect Normal Fires
Bless (Reversible)
Burning Hands
Charm Person
Comprehend Languages (Reversible)
Create Water (Reversible)
Cure Light Wounds (Reversible)
Dancing Lights
Detect Evil (Reversible)
Enlarge (Reversible)
Feather Fall
Floating Disk
Hold Portal
Magic Aura
Magic Missile
Protection from Evil (Reversible)
Purify Food and Drink (Reversible)
Remove Fear (Reversible)
Resist Cold
Shocking Grasp
Spider Climb
Unseen Servant

2nd Level Spells

Continual Light
Darkness (15 ft radius)
Detect Charm (Reversible)
Detect Evil (Reversible)
Detect Invisibility
False Trap
Find Traps
Fool’s Gold
Hold Person
Know Alignment (Reversible)
Locate Object
Magic Mouth
Mirror Image
Ray of Enfeeblement
Resist Fire
Rope Trick
Silence (15 ft radius)
Slow Poison
Snake Charm
Speak with Animals
Spiritual Weapon
Stinking Cloud
Wizard Lock

3rd Level Spells

Animate Dead
Continual Light (Reversible)
Create Food and Water
Cure Blindness (Reversible)
Cure Disease (Reversible)
Dispel Magic
Explosive Runes
Feign Death
Flame Arrow
Glyph of Warding
Gust of Wind
Hold Person
Invisibility (10 ft radius)
Lightning Bolt
Locate Object (Reversible)
Monster Summoning I
Phantasmal Force
Protection from Evil (10 ft radius) (Reversible)
Protection from Normal Missiles
Remove Curse (Reversible)
Speak with Dead
Tiny Hut
Tongues (Reversible)
Water Breathing (Reversible)

4th Level Spells

Charm Monster
Cure Serious Wounds (Reversible)
Detect Lie (Reversible)
Dimension Door
Enchanted Weapon (Reversible)
Extension I
Fire Charm
Fire Shield
Fire Trap
Hallucinatory Terrain
Ice Storm
Lower Water (Reversible)
Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Mnemonic Enhancement
Monster Summoning II
Neutralize Poison (Reversible)
Plant Growth
Polymorph Other
Polymorph Self
Protection from Evil (10 ft radius) (Reversible)
Speak with Plants
Sticks to Snakes (Reversible)
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
Wizard Eye

5th Level Spells

Conjure Elemental
Dispel Evil
Hold Monster
Insect Plague
Magic Jar
Raise Dead*
True Seeing
Wall of Stone

4 thoughts on “Spells

  1. Hi,

    Do you get your ability focus added to your mana? For example a 9th level wizard with +3 INT should have mana = 9 + 3 + 5 = 17, or mana = 9 + 3 = 12?

    Either way, it looks to me like spell casters aren’t so powerful at high levels. I wonder if I have this right? For instance that 9th level wizard (assuming 17 mana) could cast a 1st, a 3rd, two 4th, and a 5th for example. If only 12 mana, then a 3rd, a 4th, and a 5th for example. In dnd 5e (which I know this system isn’t, but just for comparison), a 9th level wizard could do four 1st, three 2nd, three 3rd, three 4th, and a 5th. As the levels go up the difference gets bigger. At 20th level here the wizard gets 33 mana (or 23 if focus not added), and in dnd 5e if you add up the spells you get 4 + 3×2 + 3×3 + 3×4 + 3×5 + 2×6 + 2×7 + 8 + 9 = 89 mana required, so a big difference in power.

    Anyway, it is a different system, just checking that I actually understand it. Also, it is nice that at lower levels here the wizard is actually a bit stronger.



    • Yes, ability focus applies to the Mana of casters. A 9th level caster maxed out (race/class) would cast with 18 mana – also keep in mind that using Mana in SimpleDND is completely different that in other D&D type games. You can cast the same spell over and over and over.

      D&D 5e is about making super humans, not about role-playing. Everyone gets superpowers right away. A wizard should always work smarter.


  2. You say casting spells are just like using a skill, but then say the spell caster must roll d20 plus their modifier (WIS/INT + Level) vs a DC 10 + spell cost/level. If it is like a skill, shouldn’t it be roll d20 + INT/WIS + focus (which is leve/2 rounded up)?? So for example a 3rd level wizard with +3 INT casting a 2nd level spell roll d20+5 vs 12? Thanks


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