SimpleDnD 101

Welcome brand new players of SimpleDnD. This is the introduction to SimpleDnD. If you are brand new to roleplaying games in general, you are in the right place.

To start out, every player must create a character. Each character has a set of ability scores that make it unique.

These abilities are:

  • Strength – how much stuff a character can carry (and how much physical damage that character can inflict)
  • Wisdom – intuitiveness
  • Dexterity –nimbleness, both in using a weapon and in slinking around unnoticed
  • Intelligence – the capacity for learning new things
  • Constitution – a character’s stamina and toughness
  • Charisma – likability, which comes in handy in avoiding fights and making friends

You create a character by choosing how to distribute your pool of resources to end up with each skill between -3 and +4.

Added to that, other important numbers informing a character’s basic framework are:

  • Armor class: a number that represents how difficult a character is to hit
  • Hit points: a number that represents how much damage a character can withstand before dying
  • Difficulty check: This is either a passive check with a set difficulty (DC) or and active check where the player and DM roll and compare numbers. You must meet or exceed the number to succeed.

Together, these numbers will influence how well your character would work in a range of races and classes, or character types. We’ll look at those on the next page. How to play.

3 thoughts on “SimpleDnD 101

  1. Hello. First of all, great job.
    Me, and all the people I’m going to play with are new to the hobby. We were just gonna DM/play 5e until I found your site by accident. It looks like I’ll just be using this and steal a bit of stuff from 5e (Backgrounds mostly, I love that stuff).
    I’d have to ask though, how do you determine HP and AC? In the HP part of Classes, it just says “Dx”. Am I correct in assuming you just roll the dice and the result is your HP?
    Thanks anyway! Keep up the great work!


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