Leveling and Experience Progression

Gaining Experience

In each monster description, an Experience value or XP is given. This is the number of Experience Points to be awarded for each monster of that type defeated or subdued. In addition, characters get 1 XP for each 1 gp of non-magical treasure that they recover from the adventure.

The number of experience points (XP) a monster is worth is 100XP per hit dice. Typically, XP is awarded for defeating the monster, although the DM should also award XP for neutralizing the threat posed by the monster in some other manner.

For successfully executing a plan, like locating and disarming traps or creating a diversion: 100 XP per.

Experience for an encounter is divided amongst the number of characters evenly. Note: hirelings do not gain experience.

One Level at a Time

A character cannot gain more than one level of experience in one adventure. Beware if this occurs; it is a sign that you are giving out far too much treasure. In the event that this happens, the character in question would gain just enough experience to not exceed the requirement for the next level.

You Leveled Up, Now What?

Once a character has collected enough experience points advance to the next level, referencing the character’s class page. Leveling up will open new options for players, more hit points, better skills, more mana, and an improved ability focus. For example, players will roll for additional hit points for their character bases on the die listed on their class page next to Hit Points. Your character class will have details on all of these.

Experience Point Requirements

Level Experience Needed Ability Focus
1st 0 +1
2nd 2,000 +1
3rd 4,000 +2
4th 8,000 +2
5th 16,000 +3
6th 32,000 +3
7th 64,000 +4
8th 128,000 +4
9th 256,000 +5
10th 512,000 +5

3 thoughts on “Leveling and Experience Progression

  1. In the ability score page, constitution is mentioned to play a role in hit points on level, but it is not mentioned here, could that be cleared up?

    Are any ability points given on level?


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