In Game Time

There are three important time breakouts that are important in this game.

Instant these things happen as soon as it’s your turn and can be done in addition to an action typically used with spells

Round this is a 10 second time increment where combat or actions take place

Turn  this is a 10 minute time increment in which most time is recorded

Movement and Timekeeping

The speed listed on each race type is the distance a character can move unencumbered per turn (10 minutes). So if the characters moves 3 squares in a dungeon with 10′ x 10′ grid squares, then for every 3 squares, tick off a turn.

Searching a room also takes time, 1 turn per 30′ x 30′ space.

For more details check out bookkeeping and time

6 thoughts on “In Game Time

  1. Not sure where you copied the spell descriptions from, but must have been another system, because in Feather Fall (for example) it explicitly mentions a segment being 6seconds. I think that must mean a round in the spell section is a minute (the old AD&D system). So I guess the simplednd game time definitions could be changed to the round=1minute, turn=10minute, 1segment=6seconds, OR probably better, a note in the spell section saying that when the duration says 4 rounds for example, that really means 4 minutes, not 4 simplednd rounds. Argh, I found all the dnd versions time and distance so annoyingly confusing, feet vs yards for inside vs outside, ranges scaling up, but not area of affect, differing definitions of movement rate, etc etc!


  2. Hi,
    I dont understand how time works. Totally new to this, but how do you manage time when playing the game? During combat, you do actions in turn (initiative), but how do you work around time in all instances (sleep, walking). When u get paralyzed, it is for X turns.. so a character will just be paralyzed for 4 hours?


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