Full Rules Summary

This is a full and complete list of all of the rules in SimpleDnD. Printable PDF.

Skill Focus PC level / 2 rounded up added to one ability
Strength Damage, Hit Bonus, Pulling, Pushing or Lifting – Save vs Paralysis
Intelligence Knowledge, Disguise, Recall, Appraisals – Save vs Magic
Dexterity Armor Class, Acrobatics, Balance, Climbing, Ranged Hit Bonus
Wisdom Listening, Hiding and Searching Checks – Save vs Gas
Constitution Hit Point, Stamina, Save vs Poison
Charisma Morale, Negotiation, Leadership
Difficulty Checks d20 + Ability Score >= target DC
Very Easy (0) Notice something large in plain sight
Easy (5) Climb a knotted rope
Average (10) Hear a loud approaching guard
Tough (15) Rig a wagon wheel to fall off
Challenging (20) Swim in stormy water
Formidable (25) Open a good lock
Heroic (30) Leap across a 30-foot chasm
Nearly Impossible (40) Track a squad of Orcs across hard ground after 24 hours of rainfall
Notice (passive) Wisdom + Wisdom Ability Focus + 10
Heroics Before roll: Gain Advantage. After roll: reroll or one additional action in combat
Advantage 2d20 take highest roll (disadvantage take lowest)
Team Work d20 with Advantage + highest party ability bonus
Magic Mana Level + Ability Bonus (and focus)
Self Sacrifice Use Hit Points for Mana
Max Weight Strength +4 x 25 lbs
Carry Weight 1/2 weight = 1/2 movement
Blinded No range attacks, -10 to AC, Enemies attack with advantage
Charmed Protect charmer, save DC 20 vs Wisdom
Dazed Lose next attack, enemies attack with advantage
Immobilized Movement 0′
Invisible +10 to AC, Attack with advantage, cannot be targeted by range
Paralysis Enemies auto hit + crit, save DC 20 vs Constitution
Perpetual Damage Deal damage at the start of each round
Prone -2 to hit, enemies attack with advantage, stand up 1 round
Slowed Movement 1/2 normal
Stunned Enemies attack with advantage, save DC 15 vs Constitution
Unconscious No actions, Enemies auto hit + crit
Armor Class Number needed to hit
Shield +1 to Armor class
Light Cover +3 to Armor class, 50% coverage
Full Cover +5 to Armor class, 90% coverage
Full Dodge d20 + Dexterity vs attacker roll, dodger lose next attack
Encounter d20 + Highest Charisma vs Reaction Chart
Attack result 1 – 3
Possible Attack result 4 – 9 (reroll – 5)
Uncertain result 10 – 15 Roll Again
Possibly Friendly result 16 – 19 (reroll + 5)
Friendly result 20+
Negotiation If the player speaks the monster’s language – d20 – 10+ monster talks
Combat Round  
Surprise d20 + Wisdom vs Highest Party Notice
Declare Party Actions Flee, Fight, Talk
Declare Player Actions Melee Attack, Range Attack, Spell, Move
Initiative d20 highest to lowest
Melee Attack d20 + Hit Bonus vs Armor Class
Ranged Attacks +1 short range, +0 normal range, -5 at long range
Cast Spell DC 10 + Spell Level vs d20 + Intelligence – auto hit
Morale Checks DC 20 + Morale or flee
Death Save DC 20 vs Constitution
Healing Heal 1 Hit Dice / Hour
Resting 8 hours – recovered (level #) x Hit Dice health, all mana
Level Experience Needed
1st 0
2nd 2000
3rd 4000
4th 8000
5th 16000
6th 32000
7th 64000
8th 128000
9th 256000
10th 512000

6 thoughts on “Full Rules Summary

  1. I’m brand new to DnD. And I think SimpleDnd seems like a great idea and I want to try it out. But I can’t wrap my head around what Hit Dice is? Can you please explain this? For example: What does it mean when a monster have 3 in Hit Dice, or “about 6”?


  2. Thank you. I still don’t quite get it, so Just to clarify. is a hit dice always a d8?
    And does all PC’s have hit dice as well? I’ve been looking under “Race” and “Class” in “Creating Characters”, but there’s no info about what Hit Dice is.

    Here’s a suggestion: Maybe add a topic that explains the concept of Hit Dice to the page?

    If SimpleDnd is meant for new players to understand I think that would be very helpful.
    Thanks again for this great site!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Monsters all have a number of hit dice – show on their stat sheets. Characters on the other hand depends on the class. It is show as their Hit Points per level. I agree that they should be standardized. Hit Dice rolled equals the Hit Point total for the monster/character.


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