Normal Dire
Number Appearing 3d10 3d4
Armor Class 13 14
Hit Dice 2 +2 3 +3
Hit Bonus +2 +3
Number of Attacks 1 1
Damage 1d4 +2 2d4 +3
Movement 180 180
Morale Bonus +5 +7
Alignment Neutral Neutral
Habitat Any Any
Negotiation Yes Yes
Experience 75 125
Loot None None

wolfWolves are predators that hunt in packs of up to 30. They are normally 26 to 30 in tall at the shoulder, and males weigh 80 to 100 lbs. A wolf pack’s howling may panic horses and other herbivores (50% chance per animal). A wolf pack will encircle prey, seeking to attack from behind. Once a pack has identified possible prey, they usually (75%) follow the group, waiting for the chance to attack.

Dire wolves are massive wolves, prehistoric ancestors of the normal species. Like normal wolves, they hunt in packs and their howl has a 50% chance to panic herbivores such as horses.


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