wrightUncommon | Medium | Neutral evil | Undead

A wight is an undead spirit living in the body of a dead human or demi-human.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
15 16
(4 Hit Dice)
walk 90 ft
Appearing 2d6
Habitat Any
Negotiation no
Morale DC 6
Challenge 2.7 (810 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

-2 -1 -1 -1 0 -3


Has 1 attack. Hit Bonus +3. Damage Touch. 2d6 +3 damage

Special Attacks

Energy Drain. Each touch that the wight lands drains one level from the victim, reducing Hit Dice, class bonuses, spell abilities, and so forth.

Special Defense

Hit only by silver or +1 or better magical weapon


Individual: None

Lair: 1d8×1,000 cp (50%); 1d6×1,000 sp (25%); 1d3×1,000 gp (25%); 1d8 gems (30%); 1d4 jewelry (20%); 1 magic item (sword, armor, or miscellaneous magic) (10%).


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