• stirgeArmor Class: 13
  • Hit Dice:  1
  • Hit Bonus: +1
  • Damage: d3
  • Movement: 30 / 180 (flying) feet
  • Morale Save: +10
  • Experience: 40
  • Number Attacks: 1
  • Number Appearing: d10
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Habitat: Any
  • Negotiation: No
  • Loot: 1d8×1,000 cp (10%), 1d12×1,000 sp (15%), 1d8×1,000 ep (15%), 1d6×1,000 gp (50%), 2d6 gems (50%), 1d6 jewelry (25%), 1d2 magic items + 1 potion (15%).

A stirge is a birdlike creature with a long nose. It attacks by thrusting its beak into the victim’s body, and feeds on blood. A successful hit (for 1-3 points of damage) means that it has attached itself to the victim, sucking for 1-3 points of damage per round until dead. A flying stirge gains a bonus of +2 on its first Hit Roll against any one opponent due to its speedy diving attack.


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