Snake, Giant

Uncommon | Huge | Neutral | Animal

These giant snakes can reach up to 50 ft in length.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
15 24
(6 Hit Dice)
walk 90 ft
Appearing 1d2
Habitat Forest,Fresh Water,Jungle,Salt Water,Swamp,Underground
Negotiation no
Morale DC 11
Challenge 2.1 (630 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

0 3 1 -2 0 -3


Has 2 attacks. Hit Bonus +6. Damage Bite. 2d4 damage

Special Attacks

Constrictor. The snake coils its long body around the chosen target victim and attacking by both biting and squeezing for 2d4 points of damage. Several strong creatures can grasp each end of the snake and uncoil the victim in 1d4+1 segments with the combined efforts of 60 total points of Strength (the coiled victim plus outside help) to extricate someone from a giant constrictor’s steel grasp.


Individual: None

Lair: None

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