• mushroomArmor Class: 13
  • Hit Dice:  3
  • Hit Bonus: 0
  • Damage: None
  • Movement: 9/3 feet
  • Morale Save: +20
  • Experience: 50
  • Number Attacks: Special
  • Number Appearing: d8
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Habitat: Any
  • Negotiation: No
  • Loot: None

Shriekers look like giant mushrooms. They live in underground caverns and are able to move around slowly. They react to light (within 60’) and movement (within 30’) by emitting a piercing shriek which lasts for 1-3 rounds. For each round of shrieking, the DM should roll ld6; any result of 4-6 indicates that a wandering monster has heard the noise, and will arrive in 2-12 rounds.


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