D+D4th: Lich by ChristopherStevens
  • Armor Class: 19
  • Hit Dice: 10d8
  • Hit Bonus: +6
  • Number Attacks: 1 touch or spell
  • Damage: 1d10 + paralysis or by spell
  • Movement: 60/20 feet
  • Morale Save: +20
  • Experience: 6,700
  • Number Appearing: 1
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Habitat: Crypts, Graveyard and Tombs
  • Negotiation: Yes
  • Loot: Per Adventure*

A lich is a type of undead creature of a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his phylactery and thereby achieve a form of immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, bodies desiccated or completely skeletal. Liches are often depicted as holding power over hordes of lesser undead creatures, using them as soldiers and servants.

Unlike zombies, which are often depicted as mindless, part of a hivemind or under the control of another, a lich retains revenant-like independent thought and is usually at least as intelligent as it was prior to its transformation.

Though their Morale score is listed as +20, a lich will flee rather than risk its life if ever in actual real danger, patiently bringing the destruction of its enemy about as only some with an eternity to plan can.


Liches have an aura of fear that causes utter panic to in the creatures exposed to the emanation of terror within 10 feet. If any creature fails its saving throw against the spell, it will bolt away from the lich as fast as possible for 1d10 rounds. There is a base 60% chance for a creature to drop whatever it is holding (immediately upon failing the saving throw), reduced by 5% per HD or level of the panicked creature.

Liches can use their touch to inclict 1d10 points of damage and paralysis for 1d10 turns if the character hit fails the Saving Throw (DC 20 vs WIS). Elves are immune.

Liches are immune to non-magical weapons and spells of 3rd level and less.

Liches are also immune to being Turned by clerics, charm, sleep, feeblemind, ploymorph, cold, lightning and death spells and effects.

Liches usually possess 1d4+1 magic items from its treasure it can use in case of trouble.

Liches can surround themselves undead whose HD equals 3 x lich’s HD (for example, an 10HD lich can control 30 HD worth of undead).

Lich’s phylactery is an item into which they imbue their soul, giving them immortality until the phylactery is destroyed.

Magic and Loot

Liches are very smart, very crafty creatures, having used their own magical might to make them immortal and having all the time in the world to bring their plans or research to fruition. Because of this, a lich may have access to new spells or magic items devised by the DM.

Sample Spells

6th circle of death (DC 22), globe of invulnerability, maximized fireball (DC 19)
5th cloudkill (DC 21), cone of cold (DC 21), quickened magic missile, waves of fatigue
4th dimension door, enervation, fire shield, wall of ice (2)
3rd dispel magic (2), fireball (DC 19), suggestion (DC 19), vampiric touch (2)
2nd darkness, extended mage armor (already cast), false life (already cast), scorching ray (2), see invisibility, spectral hand
1st magic missile (3), ray of enfeeblement (2), shield (2)
0 bleed (DC 16), detect magic, ray of frost, read magic

Sample Loot

600 pp
2500 gp
Potion of Undead Control – Vampires
Scroll of Protection
Potion of Levitation
Candle of Invocation

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