• harpyArmor Class: 13
  • Hit Dice:  3
  • Hit Bonus: +3
  • Damage: d4/d4/d6
  • Movement: 60 feet /150 flying
  • Morale Save: +10
  • Experience: 50
  • Number Attacks: 2 claws / bite / charm
  • Number Appearing: 2d4
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Habitat: Any
  • Negotiation: Yes
  • Loot: 1d12×1,000 cp (20%),1d6×1,000 sp (30%), 1d6 gems (25%), 1d3 jewelry (20%), any 2 magic items (10%).

A harpy has the lower body of a giant eagle and the upper body and head of a hideous- looking woman. By their singing, harpies lure creatures to them to be killed and devoured. Any creature hearing the harpies’ songs must make a Saving Throw vs. Spells or be Charmed. If a victim makes a Saving Throw against the songs of a group of harpies, the victim will not be affected by any of their songs during the encounter.

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