Goblin Warlock by Guessman


  • Armor Class: 13
  • Hit Dice:  1d6 -1 – about 3 HP
  • Hit Bonus: 0
  • Damage: 1d6 short sword
  • Movement: 50 feet
  • Morale Save: +5
  • Experience: 10
  • Number Attacks: 1
  • Number Appearing: 2d4
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Habitat: Any
  • Negotiation: Yes
  • Loot: Individual 3d6 sp; Lair 1d12×1,000 cp (75%), 1d6×1,000 sp (50%), 1d6 gems (25%), 1d3 jewelry (20%), 2d4 potions (40%)

Goblins are a human-like race, small and very ugly. Their skin is a pale earthy color, such as chalky tan or livid gray. Their eyes are red, and glow when there is little light. Goblins live underground and have well developed darkvision, with a 90′ range. In full daylight they fight with a penalty of – 1 on their Hit Rolls.

Goblins hate dwarves and will attack them on sight.

There is a 20% chance that when goblins are encountered outdoors, 1 of every 4 will be riding a dire wolf.

Goblin Kings. In the goblin lair lives a goblin king with 15 hit points who fights as a 3 Hit Dice monster and gains a +3 bonus to damage rolls.  The goblin king has a bodyguard of 2d6 goblins who fight as 2 Hit Dice monsters and have 2d6 hit points each. The king and his bodyguard may fight in full daylight without a penalty. The goblin morale is +7 rather than +5 as long as their king is with them and still alive.

Goblin warlock. These magic using goblins don’t wear armor (AC 10) and typically have 3 first level spells and 2 second level spells.

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