Giant, Hill

giant-hillRare | Huge | Chaotic evil | Humanoid

This hunched giant exudes power and a crude, stupid anger, its filthy fur clothing bespeaking a brutish and backwoods lifestyle.

Armor Class Hit Points Move
12 40
(10 Hit Dice)
walk 120 ft
Appearing 1d10
Habitat Hills,Mountains
Negotiation yes
Morale DC 6
Challenge 13.5 (4,050 XP per monster)

Ability Scores

5 -1 3 -3 -1 -2


Has 2 attacks. Hit Bonus +5. Damage Club. 2d8 +5 damage damage

Special Attacks

Rocks. The hill giant can throw rocks up to 50lbs at 100 ft for 3d8 damage


Individual: 1d10 gp

Lair: 2d10×100 gp, 1d10 gems (30%), 1d6 jewelry (25%), 3 magic items (15%)


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