Bee, Giant

Number Appearing 1d6
Armor Class 13
Hit Dice 1 (about 4 HP)
Hit Bonus +1
Number of Attacks 1 sting
Damage 1d4 + poison
Movement 10/50 fly
Morale Bonus +11
Alignment Neutral
Habitat Any
Negotiation No
Experience 25
Loot None

Although many times larger, growing to a length of about a foot, giant bees behave generally the same as their smaller cousins. Giant bees are usually not aggressive except when defending themselves or their hive.

A giant bee poison causes an additional 1d6 points of damage unless a DC save vs. Constitution (with a -1 penalty) is made.

A giant bee that successfully stings another creature pulls away, leaving its stinger in the creature. The bee then dies.

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