Bat Swarm

  • Armor Class: 14
  • Hit Dice: 1 HP
  • Hit Bonus: 0
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Habitat: Any
  • Loot: None
  • Damage: None
  • Movement: 120 feet
  • Morale Save: +3
  • Experience: 5
  • Number Appearing: 1d100
  • Negotiation: No
  • Loot: None

Normal Bats: Normal bats will not attack men but may confuse them by flying around their heads. There must be at least ten bats to confuse one character. Characters who are confused have a -2 penalty on their Hit Rolls and Saving Throws and cannot cast spells. Normal bats must check morale each round unless they are con- trolled or summoned.

Bats are nocturnal flying insectivores.They often live in caves or abandoned buildings, and find their way about by echolocation (a type of radar using hearing and echoes to locate objects). Since they have very weak eyes, spells which affect sight (such as Light) do not work on bats. However, a Silence 15‘ Radius spell will effectively “blind” a bat.

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