Number Appearing 1d6
Armor Class 18
Hit Dice 6 +2 (about 8)
Hit Bonus +1
Number of Attacks 1
Damage 3d6
Movement 120/60 burrowing
Morale Bonus +9
Alignment Neutral
Habitat Any
Negotiation Yes
Experience 750
Loot None

Ankheg are gigantic burrowing arthropods with chitinous shells. They can subsist on filtered earth, but are not averse to meat. If necessary an ankheg can spit digestive acid with a range of 30 ft. This uses up its stock of acid, which will not be replenished for half a day, and inflicts 4d8 hp damage to a single target (saving throw vs breath weapons for half damage).

When feeding, an ankheg dissolves its prey before sucking the juices from the shrunken husk, like a spider. This attack inflicts 1d4 hp damage per round.

Ankheg sometimes lurk beneath the earth waiting to feel the vibrations of an approaching creature, thence to attack it by surprise (+8).

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