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  1. hello, I am new to the game, can you please explain what is “Appearing” for the Monsters and how does it works in the game?


    • Appearing is the number of monsters you could expect to encounter. Ex: if it says 1d6, then you could expect to have 1-6 monsters when you find them in the dungeon.


  2. In the campaign books in the episodes,the monsters had predetermined health points.Not to be whiny or anything,but that was more comfortable since we didn’t have to keep rolling for hp and just went straight into the battle.Instead of making a brand new monsters page,can’t you just have a conversion table for hp? for example:d8 x hd divided by 1/4,2,3,4,etc. depending on the difficulty the players are playing at(since im DM).I dunno really.Just hope we don’t have to roll for hp is all Im saying.


  3. Typically, XP is awarded for defeating the monster, although the DM may also award XP for neutralizing the threat posed by the monster in some other manner.


  4. Working on converting the beasts found in Basic Fantasy 2E (Release 75) RPG to work with this…pretty easy conversion process that is right in line with the B/X Conversion you posted 🙂

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