A scroll is a piece of old paper or parchment upon which a high level magic-user, elf or cleric has written a mental formula. To use a scroll, there must be enough light to read by, and the scroll must be read aloud. A scroll can only be used once, for the words will fade from the scroll when they are read aloud. A magic-user spell scroll can only be read by a magic-user, elf,  and a cleric scroll by a cleric, but a Protection Scroll or a Treasure Map can be read by anyone. A scroll can have up to 3 spells written on it, and once a spell from a scroll is cast it is erased from the scroll. Magic-Users can choose to add the magic-user spells to their spellbook instead of casting the spell with a DC check of 10 (plus intelligence bonus).

Spells on a scroll are level 1-3, (roll d20: 1-8 1st level, 9-16 2nd and 17+ 3rd level) choose the spells from the spell list for the level.

Cursed Scrolls

Unfortunately, when any writing on a cursed scroll is even seen, the victim is immediately cursed. No reading is necessary! You, the DM, must make up each curse.

Examples of a few common curses are:

The reader turns into a frog (or some other harmless animal).

A wandering monster of the same level as the reader appears and attacks the reader by surprise (a free attack with bonuses).

One magic item owned by the reader disappears (the item is chosen or randomly determined by the DM).

The reader loses one level of experience, as if struck by a wight. (You should roll again for a first level character, to avoid unfair “instant death.”)

Wounds will take twice as long to heal, and healing spells only restore half normal amounts.

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