Converting B/X Monsters

Old basic/expert series monsters convert simply and quickly. AC = 20 minus the old descending AC. Old AC of Zero becomes 20, 6 become 14, etc.  Hit Dice go straight over (1d6 x hit dice). Hit Bonus is +1 per full hit dice level.

In game adventures, monsters will always be abbreviated like this:

Goblin (x3) (AC 13, HP 3, HB 0, DMG 1d6, MOV 50, MOR +5, XP 5)

AC Armor Class

HP Hit Points

HB Hit Bonus

DMG Damage


MOR Morale Save

XP Experience Value

NEG Negotiation possible

2 thoughts on “Converting B/X Monsters

  1. Greetings! (Apologies but this is coming from a pure miniatures gamer trying to use D&D for simple combat games) I’d like to expand and use more monsters from the 5E monster manual. When I compare your simplified stats of say a skeleton they differ from those in the 5E manual and your monster conversion formula seems to be for older editions of D&D. Is there a formula for converting monsters from the 5E manual to use in this simplified system?


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