Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 9.44.43 PMAbove all the Faun show the deep connection with nature, the soft whistle of the wind, the sound of gurgling water of the crystal spring, the birds singing, or perhaps the singing a melody of a human soul that feeds higher feelings. They are children of the forest, pure, but tame and fearless with the brutal instincts necessary to survive even without the help of modern civilization.

Ability Scores: Faun cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Wisdom where they can have up to a +4.

Ability Score Max: Faun have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 5 – 7 foot tall, 175 – 240 lbs

Speed: 150 feet per round

Languages: Common and Sylvan

Class Restrictions: Faun may only choose from Cleric, DruidBarbarian, or Ranger

Special Abilities: Faun can speak with common forest animals similar to the spell with a DC Wisdom 17.

Limitations or Restrictions:

  • A faun may wear any kind of armor, and may use a shield. However, their armor and shields must be specially made for their unique physique (doubling the list price). Human sized armor maybe used but at a -5 AC penalty.
  • Faun are often mistakenly seen by humans, dwarves and draco as hostile enemies. When dealing with those races Faun have a -5 penalty when doing an encounter.

7 thoughts on “Faun

  1. I see this in both your Draco and this racial entry.
    “often mistaken…. as monsters.”

    What is this simplistic definition of “monsters”? You ought to review your mentality about this.
    Obviously there is a rather large difference between a magical floating eyeball that fires death rays at everything around it, walking zombies with the intelligence level barely exceeding that of insects driven to devour brains, a creature made of pure nightmares and malice given physical form, a sabretooth tiger that has the ability to turn invisible for short bursts of time and a group of primarily human-like beings that happen to be ugly and are generally violent and malicious.

    It comes off as hopelessly immature to just categorize all those vastly different things as “monsters”. You have your alien creatures, your undead, your demonic entities…. and then you have what amounts to basically just animals that may or may not have a couple supernatural abilities that give them an edge… and then you have what amounts to just people of unfriendly tribes/nations.

    If your standard Orc or Goblin is a “monster”, then Elves are also “monsters” as they live far longer than any human and have abilities that far exceed humans. Regardless of whether they tend to be good intentioned, their alien abilities and mentality clearly mark them as “monsters”. Maybe more so than Goblins depending on how you explain Goblin’s existence in your world! In the same vein, both the Dracos and these Fauns are clearly “monsters” under the same definition.

    Regardless of how close to human they are, what is going to determine any sort of bonus or penalty here is the frequency with which they are encountered and how those relationships go. Again, why would humans be so okay with elves and dwarves? Just because they exist in other settings? No! That ought to have no bearing on your world. They are used to them because they encounter them frequently and in friendly ways. Otherwise they would grab every elf they come across and burn them alive as a witch and make war against the invading short people of the underworld to drive them back into their mountains.

    If the people of these worlds encounter Draco and Faun just as frequently, if anyone in the world tolerates their presence, and they demonstrate good will and helpfulness towards other peoples on a regular basis then the stigma makes no sense. They wouldn’t suffer any stigma even if they are less human than Halflings are. Now, if encounters with them are frequently violent or their whole people make a concentrated effort to avoid all contact with other peoples, only then would any stigma apply. And in the later case, it isn’t even all that certain the extent to which it would apply. After all– if the peoples of this world are in the habit of assaulting every single person who is different before actually deciphering their intentions, then none of the races could ever have befriended one another. Humans would have attacked the first Dwarves they saw resulting in the Dwarves being forever at war with them since Dwarves tend not to hold grudges for generations upon generations and the longer the war raged on, the more of a grudge would build up.

    Furthermore, if Draco and Faun exist everywhere within your world as a normal breeding people, it is impossible that all of the other races could have avoided hearing about them or encountering them or having history with them. Not if you are ready to put them in the hands of PCs who are immediately going to reveal the presence of these peoples to the world– that would have happened long, long ago. Not unless everyone touched down on this world only yesterday. Otherwise you would have thousands of years of interaction over which a solid opinion of the races would have been formed.

    This ultimately means the only way in which your reaction stigma makes the slightest bit of sense is if 90% of the Faun and Draco on the planet regularly make war with the other races. In which case, they aren’t being “mistaken as monsters”. They are monsters. What they are mistaken for is “enemies”.


    • Draco and Faun are RARE races in the world and many of the more common races would not have experienced them before. Therefore it would make sense that they are seen as a potential threat. Of course this rule could be excluded if the DM thinks that they would be common in the current adventure area.


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