Lizard-Man from MOTU by Heckfire

Draco are a humanoid reptilian lizardfolk race hailing from deep underground. Draco are able to change their skin coloration. This functions as camouflage, but is also used commonly in social signaling and in reactions to temperature and other conditions. Draco tend to show brighter colors when displaying aggression  and darker colors when they are submissive. Most Draco leave their underground safety to explore, adventure and are often employed as bounty hunters or ambush assassins.

Ability Score Caps: Draco cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Strength where they can have up to a +4.

Ability Score Max: Draco have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 4 – 5 foot tall, 120 – 200 lbs

Speed: 140 feet

Languages: Common and Draconic

Special Racial Abilities:

  • 90 foot darkvision
  • Know direction underground
  • Color Changing – This ability enables the Draco to change their skin color to match any object they’re touching. +3 to stealth checks

Class Restrictions: Draco may only choose from Assassin, Cleric, Barbarian, or Grifter.

Limitations or Restrictions: 

  • Draco have extremely sensitive eyes and therefore have the following penalties to all d20 dice rolls depending on conditions:
    • Normal Light -11
    • Low Light -7
    • Outdoors -3


7 thoughts on “Draco

  1. Do Draco have the ability to assume completely human form? Or can they only ever be lizard-humanoid shape, and just change color?

    The reason I ask is I’m looking at this line from their description: “sometimes they even infiltrate cities in an attempt to gain political power to manipulate other’s societies.” That looks to me like they are being mistaken for a human, since most people seem unlikely to want a lizard person to be mayor or chancellor or whatever. Can Draco appear to be human in these situations? Thanks!


  2. If the Draco live underground and have sensitive eyes, wouldn’t they get a bonus for being in low light, and a penalty for being in bright light?


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