Lizard-Man from MOTU by Heckfire

Hailing from deep deep underground, the Draco are a shape-shifting reptilian race who can taking on humanoid form to move amongst other societies and to avoid detection. Most Draco leave their underground safety to explore, adventure and sometimes they even infiltrate cities in an attempt to gain political power to manipulate other’s societies.

Ability Score Caps: Draco cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Strength where they can have up to a +4.

Ability Score Max: Draco have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 4 – 5 foot tall, 120 – 200 lbs

Speed: 35 feet

Languages: Common and Dragon

Special Racial Abilities:

  • 90 foot darkvision
  • Know direction underground
  • Color Changing – This ability enables the Draco to change their skin color to match any object they’re touching.

Class Restrictions: Draco may only choose from Cleric, Barbarian, or Grifter.

Limitations or Restrictions: 

  • Draco have extremely sensitive eyes and therefore have the following penalties to all d20 checks depending on conditions: Normal Light -11, Low Light -7 and Outdoors 3.

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