In the fantasy world represented by SimpleDnD there are 6 races. Each race has their own bonus and restrictions that make them a special addition to the game.

Humans are by far the most common race and have the most balanced abilities.

Draco are a color changing reptilian race from deep underground.

Dwarves are a stoic but stern race, ensconced in cities carved from the hearts of mountains.

Elves are best known for their pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature.

Faun are a half human / half goat forest race often mistaken for satyr.

Halflings are optimistic and cheerful by nature, blessed with uncanny luck, and driven by a powerful wanderlust.

Optional Draft Races – these are works in progress. If you’d like additional races, please post a comment and I’ll reach out to you.

Catfolk – resembling a cross between a large predatory cat and a human

Dragonborn – born of dragons, they have natural dragon abilities

Gnome – this tiny race survives by their intellect and childlike charms

Orkismir (known simply as “Orks”) are a tribal race that live in secluded sects throughout the land.

Ratlings – small rodent hybrid that are known to dwell in settings ranging from semi-underground warrens or along riverbanks.

6 thoughts on “Races

      • Race: Orc (Humanoid)

        Brief Desc.: The Orismir (known simply as “Orcs”) are a tribal race that live in secluded sects throughout the land. Though they are often viewed as monsters by adventurers, not all orcs are evil or chaotic in nature. Orcs are tempermental creatures, and are often neither charismatic nor intelligent– though every tribe is often led by an exceptionally wise orc. With this in mind, it is not beyond their race’s limitations to become a magic user of great power. Their physique borrows some traits from their distant cousins and recurring enemies: The elves– whom they borrow their powerful night vision from.

        -Size: 4.5 foot to 5.5 foot

        -Languages: Orcs by default speak Orcish and Common. They may also speak a variety of additional chaotic languages, like goblin or giant for example.

        -Movement: Standard, 30ft per turn.

        -Disadvantages: The Orc is dazzled by bright sunlight and is a common target for enemy light spells.

        -Racial Abilities: Dark Vision: Orcs can see quite well in darkness. They gain an additional 60 feet of dark vision. Their vision is limited to black and white in darkness, but it’s perfectly clear in detail.

        -Class Restrictions: Orcs may only choose from Barbarian, Cleric, or Wizard.

        This is a super rough cut of how the race might look. I’d love some opinions so it can be workshopped.


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