20 thoughts on “Pregenerated Characters

  1. Would it be possible to get an example of what a level 3 character sheet would look like? Or any level that is really. Just to show what it could look like as the game progresses.


  2. Strange, there is a pre-generated Elf Wizard, when Elf cannot choose a wizard.

    I guess this is reminding of the Golden Rule – the group decides what the rules are.


  3. I am trying to create a character but I have a question. At level 1, the initial Hit Points of a character is always the full Hit Die value plus the Constitution ability value? Do I have to roll for Hit Points at level 1?


    • No you do not roll hit dice at level one. You take the make value of the dice plus your constitution and if you have ability focus in constitution or racial bonuses you take those as well. You roll hit dice starting at level two.


  4. I’m trying to run a simple DND game for my math classroom, but am having a hard time with figuring out the character creation and these sample character sheets. For example, the Human Cleric has an ability total of +7 in the pregen sheet, but I can’t find anything in the corresponding class or race pages that justifies that over a +5 total. What am I missing?


  5. I am confused about the hitpoints bonus for weapons. I thought it was strength or dexterity, depending on weapon, plus any bonus. So in your example wouldn’t that make the halfling thief have a +7 hit bonus (base 4 dexterity + ability focus (1) + halfling bonus (2)?


      • Yes, shouldn’t it be 18? 13 for leather armour, then +4 for dexterity, then +1 for ability focus? But I am a bit confused about the ability focus in general (I’m from the old school AD&D 2nd edition), shouldn’t the thief abilities that rely on dexterity all be increased by 1 because of the ability focus, or do you add that at DC time? Thanks, awesome system!


  6. Thanks for the pre-gen’d characters. This helps me visualize what is described in the SimpleDnD System.

    This also helps because I’ve committed to my son and friends a weekly SimpleDnD adventure on Sundays, starting next week. Having these samples will help me guide them in their character building.


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