12 thoughts on “Pregenerated Characters

  1. Thanks for the pre-gen’d characters. This helps me visualize what is described in the SimpleDnD System.

    This also helps because I’ve committed to my son and friends a weekly SimpleDnD adventure on Sundays, starting next week. Having these samples will help me guide them in their character building.


  2. I am confused about the hitpoints bonus for weapons. I thought it was strength or dexterity, depending on weapon, plus any bonus. So in your example wouldn’t that make the halfling thief have a +7 hit bonus (base 4 dexterity + ability focus (1) + halfling bonus (2)?


  3. I’m trying to run a simple DND game for my math classroom, but am having a hard time with figuring out the character creation and these sample character sheets. For example, the Human Cleric has an ability total of +7 in the pregen sheet, but I can’t find anything in the corresponding class or race pages that justifies that over a +5 total. What am I missing?


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