Hirelings and Henchmen

“It’s dangerous to go alone!” – Legend of Zelda

What are Hirelings and Henchmen

Just as in real life, there are always people out there who are willing to lend a hand for a gold piece or two. The could be fighters to help with a raid or torch bearers who’s sole purpose is to provide light and help carry treasure.

Most hirelings will not, under any circumstances, subject themselves to dangerous situations. Hirelings that will, will alway receive a share of the loot gathered.

The Dungeon Master will determine if there are hirelings available and which types.

Types of Hirelings and Costs

The costs listed here should be adjusted by the Dungeon Masters based on the following: size of town or village, how dangerous the target location, and the charisma of the player party.

Hireling Daily Wage Share AC Hit Dice Damage Carry
Guide 15sp 13 d8 d6 120lbs
Laborer 10sp 10 d8 d4 140lbs
Servant 5sp 10 d8 d2 100lbs
Squire (Melee) 50sp 1/10 16 d8 d8 130lbs
Fighter (Melee) 1gp 1/5 17 2d8 d8 +1 160lbs
Archer (Ranged) 5gp 1/4 15 2d8 d8 +2 160lbs

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