21 thoughts on “Character Sheet

  1. That is one of the best looking character sheets I have seen in a while. It is simple and to the point with enough space for the essential information. The best part is that it isn’t one of these bloated monstrosities you see running around that nearly require a magnifying glass and a .005 pencil to fill in the information. Great job!

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  2. I side with Charlie Warren on this – I love the simplicity and the overall look. I was looking at your post on 5th edition, btw, and agree with you about its character sheet. Earlier forms of the 5e character sheet (if you werein the playtest) were simpler and better designed. Why not lend your considerable talents to producing a better 5e sheet along these lines?


  3. I adapted the character sheet into a vertical format so they can be hole punched and used in folders/binders. Were using the 3 hole presentation folders, one for each character, so they can keep notes or props in the pockets and anything permanent to the character in the middle.
    If you would like I could email it to you and you can see if it works for anyone else.


  4. I was looking through your site and the only thing i’m concern about is the lack of Skills. Does your version doesn’t use Skills at all or I’m missing something in the character creation?


  5. Are there restrictions on the use of the “2-Up Sheet Page”? I ask because I used it to make a digital character sheet, and one of the people I play with is pushing for me to put it onto github. If I can’t use it for that (which would be fair) I’ll make another one before I put it up, and either way I’ll post a link to the repo once its there.


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