Creating Characters

Creating characters in SimpleDnD is just that – Simple. Follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to kill goblins in NO TIME AT ALL. Not interested in making a character? We’ve already created a few for you to use.

bullseyeNew players should read through the Character Explanation for a good overview of the character sheet and what all the numbers mean.

  1. Print the Character Sheet
  2. Choose your Race with Ability Scores
  3. Choose your Class
  4. Determine your starting money.
  5. Buy Additional Equipment and get a random item for your pocket
  6. Playing the Game
  7. Adventures to Explore and Enjoy

bullseyeBe a better player! Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Player’s Starter Book PDF

Updated 6/17/2015 SimpleDnD Player’s Starter Book is ready for download!

22 thoughts on “Creating Characters

  1. Can you maybe do a post on making the big baddie NPCs? I’m having trouble creating my main villains because they are a bit made up. I’m not sure how to set their levels or what spells they should have, maybe a character creation sheet for NPCs such as this?


  2. Thomas, what’s to stop you – or anyone – from creating a druid, ranger, or lumberjack class? That’s how the original D&D classes originated: we made them up! (Don’t ask about my wife’s half-orc flowersmeller class from 1976!)


      • Honestly I would probably go with the Beguiler (Wizard/Griefer) class if given the chance… though it is admittingly a concept somewhat limited by the lack of illusion spells, at least I feel such It would work, the class being charmers and deceivers, a very social class to say the least..

        I would still like ask for something of a Druid class after the Cleric and Wizard, with the first thing tossed being Wild Shape. Perhaps a simplified Animal COmpanion could be considered? I just feel the classes are not complete without the concept of a Druid,and through such, when mixed with a fighter , the Ranger.


  3. Thanks for such assurance, also again the quick reply! ^^

    Also, sorry for the typos I made before… I didn’t notice them until after I posted.

    One more questions I have is whether or not there is any chance this might be expanded to account for players and DMs who want to go beyond level 5, perhaps up to 10? I noticed oddly that Experience and Leveling only go up to level 5, and I offer consideration that one could perhaps still keep the game ‘simple’ while allowing for a bit more ‘oomph’ when it comes to leveling and classes.

    More, from the perspective of D&D class balance it isn’t until after level 10 that classes begin growing uneven with casters out pacing martials and abilities/spells begin really getting complex.


  4. So… I guess the druid was too complex a class to keep in any form?

    Simple D&D feels lacking without Druids, and I am disappointed it isn’t there. More, by not having the Druid it means you can’t also have the Ranger by perhaps multiclassing Fighter/Druid


      • Oh, really? Great to hear, and thank you for the quick rely!

        Yet I must ask… with elves be allowed to be druids? That was something that always annoyed be in AD&D is how the race couldn’t have druids. Though it may because I view elves a bit differently I always thought it was fitting to have Elves to be the most nature friendly race.


  5. Character creation looks fun and, most important of all, QUICK in these rules. I remember the good old days where all of us used to whip up characters in a flash so we could have some in reserves waiting to take over when our current character bit the dust.


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