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Skaven Assassin

Ratlings are bipedal humanoid-rodent hybrid that are known to dwell in settings ranging from semi-underground warrens or along riverbanks. They are known for being a communal race, especially in cities where they can take over an entire quarter and turn it into their own. Ratling’s fur ranges in shades of black, grey, white with brown being one of the few “colors” of the race. Their eyes are typically black, dark brown, with the occasional red eyes. Their noses are typically a pinkish color. They are known for their sharp claws and sharp senses.

Ability Score Caps: Ratlings cannot exceed +2 in any ability except for Dex and Con where they can have up to a +3. Ratlings cannot exceed Zero in Strength.

Ability Score Max: Ratlings have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 3-4 foot tall, 60 โ€“ 120 lbs

Speed: 30 feet

Languages: Undercommon and Common

Special Racial Abilities:

Darkvision: 120 feet due to living in nothing but darkness.

Plagued Upbringing: Growing up and spawning in filth has its advantages. Gain advantage in checks against toxins and diseases.

Skiddish: Ratlings can +2 to their notice value.

+2 bonus to Armor Class due to small size

+3 bonus to Combat Initiative for their small quickness

Skill Bonuses

Climb (+4) โ€“ used to climb walls, mountains, etc

Stealth (+2) โ€“ used to hide and move without detection

Class Restrictions

Ratlings may only choose from Cleric, Thief, or Barbarian.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions:

A Ratlings may wear any kind of armor, and may use a shield. However, their armor and shields must be specially made for their small size (doubling the list price). Even dwarf-sized armor is too large for them.

A Ratlings may only use weapon weighing 2lbs or less (such as a dagger, short sword, or shortbow), and may not use two-handed swords, longbows, battle axes, pole-arms, or other large weapons.

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