The Temple to Amaethon

Interior Detail of Temple

This small temple is found in the Village of Cresthaven. The exterior is is carved into a stone mountain. Inside, the sanctuary is a large circle and features a simple stone altar typically framed with seasonal flowers. Parts of it are half-finished, perhaps being repaired or never completed.

The Faith

The temple is dedicated to the deity Amaethon. The faithful here are expertly catechized and have an expansive knowledge of the faith. One particular relic is considered extremely lucky to touch, and the local priest has trouble keeping tourists from laying hands on the delicate holy items.

The Relic

The Icon of Amaethon

The icon appears as a rectangular plaque, crafted of the finest darkwood and alder, adorned with small opals, garnets, and aquamarines. The wood is laminated with crushed Martyr Beetle paste, and inlaid with a polished sheet of onyx. Etched into the onyx is the famous and often depicted scene of Amaethon slaying the Forty-Four Devils of Arawn on Mt. Serebus with his scythe. The upper part of the plaque features a life-like, elongated bearded face carved into the wood. This is Amaethon. It is rumored (but not confirmed) that Amaethon’s visage will open its wooden mouth and speak wisdoms into the ear of any devil-hunter, who carries the plaque into battle against those same infernal foes. Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Note: If a strap is attached to the back of the plaque, it is possible to use it as a small shield in battle.

The Priest

Harder: Male Half-elf Cleric

Str 0, Dex +1, Con 0, Int -1, Wis +1, Cha +2.

Harder has short blonde hair and green eyes who seeks to free himself from an ancient curse. The opposite of the Troublemaker, this priest is the mouthpiece of the nobility. He decries peasant revolt as heretical and emphasizes the loving and godly nature of the king. He is paid handsomely by the royal court, though he hides it to not appear so much a marionette.

The Faithful

The congregation is large families and many rangers and outdoorsmen. They lack faith and respect, rolling their eyes at sermons and ignoring the commandments.

Temple Services

  • Cure wounds (1st level) – 10 gp
  • Divination – 210 gp
  • Greater Restoration – 450 gp
  • Holy Water – 10 gp
  • Identify – 20 gp
  • Lesser Restoration – 40 gp
  • Prayer of healing (2nd level) – 40 gp
  • Raise dead – 1,250 gp
  • Remove curse – 90 gp
  • Speak with dead – 90 gp

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Ruins of Castle Mistamere SimpleDnD Monsters

This is a list of monsters you will encounter when you play through the starter adventure, Ruins of Castle Mistamere.


  • Armor Class: 13
  • Hit Points: 10
  • Hit Bonus: +3
  • Number of Attacks: 8
  • Special: Paralysis Save DC 10 vs Strength


  • Armor Class: 13
  • Hit Points: 2
  • Damage: 1d6 arrows or 1d4 sword


  • Armor Class: 14
  • Hit Points: 6
  • Hit Bonus: +2
  • Damage: 1d4 bite


  • Armor Class:13
  • Hit Points: 12
  • Hit Bonus: +3
  • Attacks: 3
  • Damage: Claws (2) 1d4, Bite 1d6
  • Special: Charm – Save DC 10 vs Intelligence or become charmed


  • Armor Class: 13
  • Hit Points: 4
  • Damage: 1d4
  • Special: Poison – Save DC 10 vs Constitution (if failed, the PC is diseased and has 1d4 days to live)


  • Armor Class: 12
  • Hit Points: 8
  • Hit Bonus: +2
  • Damage: 1d8

Ruins of Castle Mistamere

I’ve been looking all over the internet for the 1983 introduction adventure from the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. I finally found it over on the Wizards server! It doesn’t include the monster stats, but it’s complete other than that.

“Many years ago, this part of the Realm of Man was ruled by a wizard Gygar, a man of great and mysterious powers. He ruled the lands from his mighty castle Mistamere, located at the foot of the mountains to the north.

“Gygar died after a long and peaceful rule, but no successor was named. Over the years, the unclaimed castle fell into ruins.

“Now, centuries later, the outline of the broken towers can still be seen from the town, ever beckoning to seekers of danger, fame and fortune.”

Download – Ruins of Castle Mistamere

Get the SimpleDnD Monster list for this adventure here!

SimpleDnD Version – updated rules and monsters

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