Town Square

At the intersection of the High Street, Market Street and Main Street is the heart of Cresthaven, the Town Square. The main square has a raised stage for rallies, performances and other events. The cobblestone open space is frequented by street performers, pick pockets and food vendors on most days. On the first full moon of the month, there is a large farmer’s market, drawing sellers from all of the surrounding farms and homesteads.

Clown and Glove Puppetry

The Clown and Glove does a daily puppetry show that combines live action, sketch comedy, and puppetry to teach children and adults a like with their educational and moral shows.

Rastkriln the Living Statue

He poses as a statue with realistic statue-like makeup, sometimes for hours at a time. He often fools passersby, and he is known to startle unsuspecting passersby. (Wisdom 10 DC Suprise)

Harold’s Grubs

Hot pies, pretzels and other food can be purchased for 1sp from an old cart currently being run by the 4th generation Harold, Susan Harold.


Events in the Town Square can draw many unsavory people. It’s not uncommon for cut-purses or fights to break out during festivals. Especially after a day of drinking at the Lamb.

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