The Slaughtered Lamb Public House

The Lamb, as it is know to the locals, is situated at the western edge of Cresthaven, at the end of Main Street. The building is marked by a sign with a beer stein on it. Inside, is a seedy one-room building which is poorly kept and not very clean. The bar lines the far wall in front of large casks that hold the town’s alcohol supply. At a place of honor is an over-sized cask with a motif of a tusked ogre’s head on it, which contains the “house specialty”, Ogre’s Breath.

The bartender, Mick, is a rough fellow, who has little time for strangers, and less time for nosey adventurer do-gooders, and he prefers the company of a handful of locals. By the door always sits a very large, half-orc, named Bone Crusher. Bone Crusher acts as the resident bouncer as well as other less nefarious purposes.

The Lamb is open 24 hours a day.

The Guild

The Lamb actually servers a darker purpose as the front for the local Thieves’ Guild. Both the Mick and Bone Crusher are members of the Guild and are complicit in its activities. Those in the know can persuade Bone Crusher to open the secret door which leads into the underground home of the Guild – the Pit.

The Pit

The Pit is the gathering place for thieves, beggars and cut-purses that work around the Town Square. The head of the Guild, Lord Shadow, does not allow non-guild members to operate within Cresthaven for long, and his swift justice is responsible for many disappearances of lowly rogues. Those with thieves training will find themselves enlisted in the organization and quickly required to contribute to their coffers. In exchange, Guild member can find safe haven from the militia as well as basic thieves’ supplies.

Guild Supplies

Arrow, grapple 10 gp
Boots, Footpad’s 8 gp
Bow, Folding 45 gp
Caltrops (10) 3 gp
Cards, Marked Deck 5 gp
Clawed Overshoes 15 gp
Dice, Biased, Bone, box of 4 5 gp
Dog Pepper, packet 1 sp
Glass-Cutter, Handled 120 gp
Gloves, Clawed 20 gp
Skeleton Key varies
Thieve’s Picks 30 gp
Wire Cutters 1 gp

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