DRAFT RACE: Dragonborn

This was submitted by velenon… I’ll need to tweak it a bit.


Dragonborn Warlord by Peachyco

Born of dragons, as their name proclaims, the dragonborn walkthrough a world that greets them with fearful incomprehension.


Ability Score Caps: Dragonborn cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Strength where they can have up to a +4  and Dexterity where they cannot exceed 0.

Ability Score Max: Dragonborn have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 6 – 7 foot tall, 200 – 250 lbs

Speed: 30 feet

Languages: Common and Draconic

Special Racial Abilities:

Dragon Heritage

Breath Weapon: breath attack based on the type of dragon heritage. All breath weapon attacks have a range of 15 feet and can be used once daily for 2d8 damage. Breath attacks roll to hit like normal. The hit roll can be used as a DC Con Save for 1/2 damage.

Types of Dragon Heritage:

Gold – Fire
Silver – Cold
Copper – Acid

Special Resistance: In addition the dragonborn gains resistance and takes 1/2 damage from the same types of attacks.

Draconic Claws: The dragonborn has claws that act as 2 primary natural weapons. They cause 1d6 points of damage + the dragonborn’s Strength modifier.

Darkvision: 30 foot

Class Restrictions: Draco may only choose from Cavalier, Barbarian, Cleric or Wizard.

Monstrous Appearance: Dragonborn are often mistakenly seen by humans, dwarves and faun as hostile enemies. When dealing with those races dragonborn have a -5 penalty to all negotiation rolls.


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