Rise of the Drow – Descend back to the Underdark 

Now I have to look into an evil oneshot

Death By Mage

The Drow or Dark Elves have been a fascination in the lore of fantasy settings for many years. The story of the separation of the elven races, the rise of of the Spider Queen, Lolth, and harsh Drow culture that rose from the cruel dark underworld they called home. The Underdark is alien from the surface world, many players and dungeon masters have treked and dealt with many denizens of great renown: beholders, mind flayers, and including the Drow.

There have been countless stories, game supplements, and attention placed on these beloved enemies. It is almost considered a rite of passage of an adventuring party dealt with a Drow ambush, from their poison darts to their ability to summon clouds of darkness. If the unlucky party should become captured, their adventure continues deeper into the alien world below.

Many novels and stories have been written about the Drow, from the…

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