D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet





14 thoughts on “D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet

  1. I’m going to kick myself once I hear the answer because I’m sure it’s super simple, but for the life of me I cannot find the PDF links you are referring to. I’ve clicked on every section and even downloaded the starter box but still no luck.


  2. Question – and I fully acknowledge that as a newcomer to the intricacies of gaming, I might well be missing the blindingly obvious – in the 6-player party tracking sheet there’s a circle in the top right, and boxes that say “C.order” and “M.order” – what do these meeeeeannn??? *thoroughly confused face*


  3. Not sure how to contact you outside of the comments section. I really love the 4 person character sheet. I play with my kids so having a clean reference for them is really important. In point of fact, I went as far as to make it form-fillable.

    If you don’t mind, I would like to put it up on my website https://thedevelopingdm.com/. If you do mind, I would be happy to give you the PDF so you can host it. I am on a mission inspire parents to play D&D with their kids. Making things easy is important and your sheets are awesome!

    Either way, I will have to dive more deeply into your blog at some point. Since diving into the project I have been overwhelmed by the amount of awesome content people have made. My only complaint, is I don’t have enough time to look at everything, and start producing the stuff I want to see (liveplay podcast/vlog, 5e D&D with, and for kids).


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