Turning Undead

A cleric has the power to force away certain category of monsters called the “Undead” (skeletons, zombies, ghouls, mummies, and other more powerful types). To use this ability, the play must only declare that they shall “Turn Undead” and be within 30 feet of the monsters.

What is Turned?

Turned undead flee by the fastest means available to them. They will not touch the  cleric, and will flee as far from them as possible. If they cannot flee, they cower.

If anyone, other than the turning cleric, approaches the undead within 10 feet will cause the undead to immediately overcome their repulsion and the undead will attack as normal.

All attacks made by the cleric vs turned undead are made at Advantage.

Effects of turning last for 1 minute (10 rounds).

How Does It Work?

The base roll to turn undead is 10 + the hit dice of the monster. So a Skeleton would have a turn value of 11. The cleric then rolls d20 and adds their Wisdom (and focus) to effect the undead. The cleric would make this check vs each undead within the 30 foot range.

Destroying Undead

To destroy the undead, rather than turn them, the cleric must exceed the target number of 15 + the hit dice of the monster.




6 thoughts on “Turning Undead

  1. A bit confused about the Destroy part. Is it really just that you can destroy something if a turn against double it’s hit dice was successful? Could you give an example like you did for turning? Thanks. Also, why these seperate rules, there are rules in the Cleric class, which should it be? Thanks


      • Thanks, I like them so far, better than a table. Perhaps the base to destroy undead could be double the turn base (ie, 2 x (10 + hit dice))? I guess it is a matter of seeing if that works out to be roughly like the table.


      • It may make more sense to give turn undead a radius effect and then roll a save vs the the casters skill (10+WIS + ability focus). Making a roll for each monster. If the roll is below the target number they’re turned, but if it’s below the target by double the hit dice of the monster it is destroyed rather than turned…


  2. This might make clerics more powerful than what was in the turning table. For example at 1st level from the table there is a 0.5 chance of turning Skeletons, 0.3 of turning Zombies, and 0.15 Ghouls. If successful, roll the 2d6 (average of 7) HD are turned. So on average a 1st level cleric will turn 3.5 Skeletons, 1 Zombie, or 0.35 Ghouls. OK, for the save system assume a 1st level cleric with +2 WIS, so the save is vs 13. Does a 1HD creature get a +1 on their save? If so, this means a 0.55 chance of failure for each Skeleton. Not sure exactly what the radius you are thinking, but in a 30′ radius you could fit 30 say, so that is already about 16 skeletons turned. A Zombie will be turned with 0.5 chance, so about 15 Zombies turned. That is a lot more than when using the table. I think the clerics presence should be somewhat diminished by a ton of undead.


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