Ruins of Castle Mistamere

I’ve been looking all over the internet for the 1983 introduction adventure from the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. I finally found it over on the Wizards server! It doesn’t include the monster stats, but it’s complete other than that.

“Many years ago, this part of the Realm of Man was ruled by a wizard Gygar, a man of great and mysterious powers. He ruled the lands from his mighty castle Mistamere, located at the foot of the mountains to the north.

“Gygar died after a long and peaceful rule, but no successor was named. Over the years, the unclaimed castle fell into ruins.

“Now, centuries later, the outline of the broken towers can still be seen from the town, ever beckoning to seekers of danger, fame and fortune.”

Download – Ruins of Castle Mistamere

Get the SimpleDnD Monster list for this adventure here!

SimpleDnD Version – updated rules and monsters

Create characters and go adventure!


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