Random Dungeon Generators

You know I love to keep things simple around here *wink*. While this doesn’t alway happen, I do want to play all the time. So to keep the game flowing I propose using a random dungeon to get the level started. You’d still need to read through it, add monster stats and story elements, but overall it is an excellent starting point.

The one I really enjoy is the DonJon one here. I use the Pathfinder version, it adds some nice traps and is pre-baked with DC checks that work out of the box. So if you are looking for a way to DM and do it in a quick way, make sure you add DonJon to your bookmarks!

Check out the Crypt of the Everflame SimpleDnD conversion post for details on how to use Pathfinder DC checks in SimpleDnD.

Which tools do you use to quickly generate a dungeon? Post a comment below!

Sample Generated Dungeon

To create these 4 levels took me about 5 minutes. It’s like 4 different game sessions worth of material.

Adventure Hook

While eating at Local Tavern, the PCs learn that Bad Guy has stolen Very Important Thing and taken it to an Abandoned Keep. If they return the item, Helpful NPC will reward them with Glorious Treasure

Abandoned Keep – Level 1

Keep Basement – Level 2

Keep Catacombs – Level 3

Keep Sub Catacombs – Level 4


2 thoughts on “Random Dungeon Generators

  1. I like the DonJon one as well. In fact I use a lot of the stuff on that website for my https://fyxtrpg.com/ games. It makes coming up with content as a GM very easy. Use the generators to create your foundation, use the easy Fyxt RPG rules to establish the details, then have fun running through adventure. I have even been known to do this on the fly during a game. Though I would suggest being a little more prepared for it. Hehe

    The biggest tip I would say when using these things is just use the pieces you like. Don’t spend a lot of time repeatedly generating dungeons until you get “the perfect one”. Just do it until you see something that looks cool and use that piece. Then I scratch out or make notes of the areas I am going to use. It rarely matters if it is the “perfect” area. What matters more is if the area is interesting.


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