Critical Hit Chart

Sometimes you want to add a little flavor to your SimpleDnD game when your characters roll a critical hit in combat. Use this handy-dandy chart to quickly add it! Note the Critical Hit Chart is optional.

d20 Roll Location Hit Consiquence
1 Hand Hand damaged, -2 combat rolls
2 Hand Lost 1d4 fingers, weapon dropped
3 Arm Wrist damaged, weapon or shield dropped
4 Arm Elbow wound, -2 combat rolls
5 Arm Arms off, -5 combat rolls
6 Leg Open wound, -5 to defense
7 Leg Knee wound, half movement
8 Leg Important artery hit, death in 2d4 rounds
9 Abdomin Guts hanging out, CON or incapacitated
10 Abdomin Guts smashed, CON or incapacitated
11 Abdomin Guts punctured, death in 2d4 rounds
12 Abdomin Guts punctured, death blow
13 Chest Lung damage, -3 to all rolls
14 Chest Chest wound, death blow
15 Chest Important artery hit, death in 2d4 rounds
16 Chest Broken rib, -2 combat rolls
17 Hard Strike Double Damage
18 Power Strike Triple Damage
19 Brilliant Strike Quad Damage
20 Death Blow Decapitation, Death Blow

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