New Classes and Races coming

I’ve been thinking a bit about how to expand SimpleDnD without making more complex. I think the best option is to add a few new classes and races. Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Class: Druid (Elemental Magic) – some new spells and spell list for this armored fighter/mage type class

Class: Ranger – Fighter with some thief type skills – search nature, understand animals, etc

Race: Gnome – Gnomes are bigger than Halflings but smaller than Dwarves, possess small beards and are considered the “younger cousin” of Dwarves. Gnomes prefer brains over brawn, and their society shows it. Gnomes are by and large the most advanced technological race, and Dwarves owe most of their mining equipment to the ingenuity of a Gnome. They are capable of seeing through most illusions. Most Gnomes like to tinker, either seriously or as a little hobby, and Gnomes know their way past mechanical locks and traps like none other.

Race: Akuma – Akuma are humans with demonic blood down their bloodline. Most are indistinguishable from humans, but some have tiny horns or other features. Akuma are agile, smart, but lack charisma. They can see in the dark, and can create darkness once every day and have minor bonuses to save vs fire, cold, and electricity.


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