Let’s Talk About Pets Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me, Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things pets may bring

One of the key items all of my younger players ask for after playing SimpleDnD for a while is, “Can I have a pet?”

So I asked around, and the internet had very little in the way of pets in any RPG. I asked on a few boards and still not a direct line to pet rules. I read some reference, scratched my head, and here’s what I’ve come up with.


Pets are small relatively common animals that are bound to a player character. Once a pet and a character are joined, the share a symbiotic relationship – the pet getting food and shelter and the player gaining a small advantage from their pet’s abilities.

In addition, character can communicate with their pets about 25% of the time. For example: A dog count point, an owl could flap it’s wings and hoot or a cat could purr. Communication should be limited to yes or no questions, and again only be correctly communicated about 25% of the time.

All pets have 1d6 Hit Points

Replacing a pet is not a simple task and should be difficult such as requiring questing to a specific location or a large sum of money.

Pets and Abilities

Dog – Bloodhound. Bonus for tracking +3 to search rolls. May also growl (60%) when enemies are nearby

Cat – Lucky overall. +1 to all rolls, may wander off  (30% chance)

Owl – Excellent Listeners. Bonus for hearing +3 Listen rolls, may fly off (30%)

Falcon – Attack. +3 to hit, 1d4 damage, expensive 500 gp+

Potbelly Pig – Adorable. Bonus for Charisma checks +3, scares easily (and makes tons of noise!)

Guinea Pig – Alert. Bonus +3 vs Surprise, other animals see it as food

Gecko – Climber. Can climb any surface with a small 1/2 lbs cache. may wander off (50%)

Ferret – Pick Pocket. Turns up with random items (possibly from other players)

 What do you think? What pets would you like to see as a player? Post a comment!


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