Fantasy Dragons or Dinosaurs of Doom?

It always struck me that Dragons were listed in many fantasy settings as their own, super powerful, monsters. If they are so magical, intelligent and super strong, why haven’t they taken over everything and rule the entire world? They have all of this capability and yet they squander it sitting on a pile of gold. So in thinking this over, and for SimpleDnD, dragons are to be overhauled. I’m going to roll them out one at a time, but they’ll all share the following characteristics.

Key Features of SimpleDnD Dragons

  1. They are dinosaurs
  2. They have wings and can fly
  3. They have breath weapons differing by color of dragon
  4. They are only as intelligent as to they can speak to each other and be negotiated with as long as you can speak draconic, approximately the intelligence of a 4 year old human. They are not capable of other languages.
  5. They are hoarders, especially shiny things.
  6. They have superiority complexes towards other races
  7. They are not magic using (no spells) but they may have wizards in their service
  8. They reproduce extremely slowly
  9. They are very large and have lots of hit points
  10. They sleep approximately 75% of a day and hibernate for 6 months of the year. (roll to see if they are sleeping)

Average Blue Dragon

Female dragon lineart -free- by Aarok

Blue dragons can be found in dry arid environments like deserts. They love to soar in the hot desert air, usually flying in the daytime when temperatures are highest. Some nearly match the color of the desert sky and use this coloration to their advantage. Its scales vary in color from an iridescent azure to a deep indigo, polished to a glossy finish by blowing desert sands. Its hide tends to hum and crackle faintly with built-up static electricity. These effects intensify when the dragon is angry or about to attack, giving off an odor of ozone and sand. Their vibrant color makes blue dragons easy to spot in barren desert surroundings. However, they often burrow into the sand so only part of their heads are exposed. Blue dragons lair in vast underground caverns, where they also store their treasure. Although they collect anything that looks valuable, they are most fond of gems—especially sapphires.


Number Appearing 1
Armor Class 21
Hit Dice 12 (about 50)
Hit Bonus +12
Number of Attacks 3 – claws / bite / breath weapon
Damage 2d6 / 2d12 / 6d8
Movement 40ft / 20ft burrowing, 150ft fly
Morale Bonus +12
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Habitat Desert
Negotiation Yes
Experience 1,750

75% Copper 8d10
75% Silver 6d10x10
75% Gold 5d8x10
75% Platinum 9d8
50% Gems 1d100
20% Magic Items 1d4 Misc Items, 1 potion and 1 scroll

Special: Blue dragons shoot a bolt of lightning out of their mouths 3 times per day. A successful DC Save vs Constitution will result in half damage.

What would you change about Dragons in your fantasy game? Post a comment!


8 thoughts on “Fantasy Dragons or Dinosaurs of Doom?

  1. what i meant was if you were going to do the more dragons(other than this one and the juvenile black dragon)such as the:
    -Brass Dragon
    -Copper Dragon
    -Gold dragon
    -Wyvern(not sure if its even a dragon)
    -White dragon
    -Silver dragon
    -Red dragon
    If yes, thanks.If no………meh, i guess it would be a hassle for you.Won’t really mind.


  2. Well, I would like to see gem Dragons (for example: Emerald Dragon, Sapphire Dragon, Diamond Dragon etc.) which is from an old Dragon Magazine I think. And some other types of Dragons including: Magic Dragons, Fairy Dragons, Light Dragons, Dark Dragons, Orange Dragons, and Pink Dragons. Of course, no pressure!


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