Separate Saving Throws

One of the things that I often find odd in playing Basic D&D is why there has to be additional stats for Saving Throws, limited scenario saving throws at that. What does it add to the gameplay experience overall? I propose that saving throws add little to the game overall and that ability scores can cover nearly all of the same ground within the game.

For example:

A saving throw is a roll of dice used to determine whether magic, poison, or various other types of attacks are effective against a character or monster. d20 roll then add your ability bonus – if the result is equal or greater the save is successful.

Sample Saves:

Poison ingested or injected – use Wisdom Bonus

Magic and Spells – use Intelligence Bonus

Death in the event you are reduced to 0 hit points – use Constitution Bonus

Paralysis turn to stone – use Strength Bonus

Gas breathed in toxins (i.e.: Dragon’s Breath) – use Wisdom Bonus

What do you think? Is another mechanic necessary to get the D&D experience by adding separate saves? Post a comment and let me know.


2 thoughts on “Separate Saving Throws

  1. I would like to know why poison or gas saving throws would not also be modified by constitution, rather than wisdom. To me that would make more sense.
    Thank you for all of this great material. I am teaching my young almost-teens to play, and this is helpful.


    • The thought process is that Wisdom saves you because you are wise enough to cover your mouth or hold your breath. Plus it spreads saves over move abilities to balance out the ability benefits when you setup the character.


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