New Rules Added – Class Bonus and Team Work

NEW RULE! Each class also includes a CLASS BONUS.

This is shown on the character sheet as a checkbox by the ability score. What this means it, whenever that character makes any Check they can add a bonus (LEVEL divided by 2 then rounded up) bonus to their check.

Example: A 3rd level Barbarian with a Class Bonus in Strength would gain a +2 (3rd level / 2 = 1.5 rounded up to 2) when attempting any strength checks (bending bars, lifting things, hit a monster with a sword, etc)

NEW RULE! Team Work

Attempting an action collectively allows for one check, using the highest player’s ability bonus AND advantage (roll 2d20 take the highest). If the check fails no additional attempt may be made by anyone in the party until somebody in the party goes up a level.


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