Starting at level zero.

I play lots of role playing games, I am a father of 4 afterall, and the one thing I’ve been toying with is; What level should players start?

Traditional D&D starts at level one with the players already set into their class types. Is this the right way to go?

Should they rather start as a generic level 0 character, using the rules of the game to open their eyes to the game world before they choose their path?

What do you think? Post a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Starting at level zero.

  1. Here is my answer, what age are the players starting at? I mean you do have NPC classes to use also but the real idea of starting @ lvl 1 is that these people are late Teens to early 20s (adjust for race norms) so they have been most of their lives training for these jobs. It not they woke up one day and walked out and said, “Today I am going to be a Fighter.” No they have trained and went to say fighter school or what not to become knowledgeable in their weapons and armor. So really starting a PC at 0 level sorta gimps their characters because technically they can do nothing.

    Now I have run a 0 level game before but it wasn’t technically 0 level it was negative levels. Basically the players had to work of exp debt in training to earn enough xp to earn level 1. The PC average age was 10-12 and the game took place in the prestigious adventures training academy. Unless back story said other wise most skills were all untrained and at minuses. Armors, weapons, spells everything was hard for them to use due to the fact they were learning to properly apply them. Just like when you started school and had to learn to use the tools you were given for classes.


    • I think starting at level zero would be about learning the ropes of the game, there as a teaching tool – possibly an optional teaching tool. Same thing goes for level progression, and the reason why I don’t go past level 4. I think level 5 would be about adding another layer of complexity to the game as well.


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