Welcome to Simple DnD

Were we strive to convert the old basic rules into something easy for all ages and a gateway to get people into Role Playing Games. Everyone is welcome to post comments on ANY of the pages.

I miss the old days of playing the simple game of D&D with my friends. No skills, no crazy complex ruleset, just having fun. So I cracked open my 80s red box and started rereading the game. What a total mess! 100 different ways to do things, rules all over the book, rules missing completely (THAC0 in Monsters? Dragon breath weapon damage??). Seems like lots of complexity that could be easily streamlined out and that’s where this document comes in. This document is meant to be used with (or replacing) the old B/X games. Convert monsters on the fly (it’s easy) and go adventuring. These rules will work perfect without changing a thing.


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